Company dedicated and specialized for more than 30 years in the purchase and sale of industrial machinery of the metal industry as well as the purchase of complete companies in a situation of cost reduction, personnel or for other market reasons, being able to negotiate if necessary purchase or management of warehouses or industrial land.

All our machinery park is checked and under tension to be seen in operation as well as to be able to carry out all the necessary checks that you deem appropriate.

MACHINERY JUAN MOYA S.L. It is made up of a series of multidisciplinary teams of professionals with extensive experience in the aforementioned topics. Our goal is to provide the necessary and adequate advice, to give our clients peace of mind, ensuring the integrity of the machines from when they leave until they are deposited at their destination, as well as the security of their proper functioning and offering our experience to The disposition of all our clients. Among our main services are:

Human resources teams:

Industrial Mechanics
Specialized in conventional metal-mechanical machinery and CNC.
Hydraulic Mechanics
Specialists in pumps, hydraulic equipment, presses, etc.
Industrial Electricians
Transport specialized in industrial machinery
Available machinery information
Receipt of offers and demands.
Search and management on specific machines upon request.
Clarification of doubts or questions.

As always with the official support of the machinery manufacturers since we deal with the best and main manufacturers of industrial machinery. (ZAYER, CORREA, DECKEL MAHO, MORISEIKI, CMZ, SORALUCE, AXIAL, …)

Hoping to collaborate with you and your company in the achievement of your objectives and without any other in particular at the moment, we remain at your disposal for any questions.


Juan Moya C.
Administrator of:

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